CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear) filtration systems are pivotal in providing protection against chemical and biological agents. The number and capacity of these filters or filtration systems are linked to the shelter’s design, requirement, size, air volume requirement, and the number of occupants. Incorporating redundant filtration units ensures continuous air filtration and purification and resilience against potential system failures.

Andair Gasfilters are advanced CBRN filtration systems specially designed to protect against chemical and biological war agents in various forms, including gases, aerosols, and particles. These filters are crucial components within shelter systems, ensuring safety during emergencies and critical operations. Their main function is to eliminate harmful agents and maintain air quality, which is a critical task that helps to protect lives and ensure the effective operation of shelters in mission critical situations.

Andair Gasfilters are best in line due to their performance, which is resulting from high-end materials used in production and the quality and quantity of the activated carbon used in each filter.

These filters also have a “CD filter” product line to handle carbon dioxide, expanding their filtering capabilities. 

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