armored door of a public fallout shelter in an apartment building in Switzerland


Blast doors have been designed to withstand and prevent a blast load that is propagated through the air from penetrating into the shelter. The doors are fully operable from both sides. The latches tighten the door plate against the pressure list which transfers the load (pressure) into the frame.

In case of emergency the doorplate can be disassembled from either side without any special emergency tools.

Blast doors have been manufactured of high quality structural steel.

The door plate can be solid steel or it can have a concrete filling. The design of the door frame allows easy flush installation of the door into the reinforced concrete wall. The door plate and frame are optimized in order to transfer the load to the wall.

Blast doors have been designed and tested to withstand multiple long duration blast loads where peak reflected overpressure can vary but at a minimum of  2.0 bar.

Blast door is also able to resist a mechanical shock transmitted through the surrounding wall with a rapid change in velocity of 1.5 m/s corresponding to an acceleration force of 30 G.

Verona Shelters can provide blast doors to literally any needs and specification. Contact us for more info.


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