As the world faces an ever-changing landscape of potential threats and challenges, the importance of ensuring the safety and protection of critical assets and personnel has become paramount. In this context, shelters play a pivotal role in safeguarding lives and preserving essential infrastructure and assets during emergency situations, making it imperative to equip them with optimized, state-of-the-art technologies.

Andair is a leading specialist in shelter technology, with a long history dating back to 1968.

Andair components have been used in over 3,000 protected shelters in more than 55 countries worldwide. These shelters are for different purposes and sizes, but most importantly, they are professionally protected and ventilated against external threat scenarios, and trusted by various private and governmental organizations, such as NATO countries.

We feel that in no other field is uncompromising safety as important as it is with shelters and protective solutions. We do not just aim for perfect reliability; We consider it as an absolute necessity. Achieving this reliability requires top-notch, dependable technology. At Andair, we fully understand the critical nature of this requirement and act accordingly in responsible and respectful manner.

Our leadership in the industry is built on a strong foundation of knowledge and a broad range of specialized products and solutions. These factors are at the heart of what makes Andair a global leader and a trusted partner.

Expertise in Material Processing 

Andair specializes in creating and selling top-notch, technologically advanced products crafted from materials such as aluminum, steel, stainless steel, and other high-quality materials.

Our commitment to ongoing staff training, continuous enhancement of our machinery, and substantial investments in research, development and engineering are the driving forces behind Andair’s outstanding market position, and ultimately, to serve our Clients with world-class solutions. These factors ensure that we excel as a trusted partner with exceptional expertise.

Andair’s products provide significant benefits to customers, offering effective solutions to specific challenges. We maintain high standards in the processing of our products, utilizing only robust components and durable materials to meet our customers’ needs reliably.

High quality requirements 

Andair equipment meets the require­ments of the Federal Office for Civil Pro­tection. The company is ISO 9001 :2008 certified.

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