We ensure safety.

Verona Shelters offer world-class shelter and safety solutions, including design, consultation, certified equipment, customization, installation, and commissioning. We ensure our support and participation for our Clients throughout the project lifecycle.

Our solutions protect against external threats such as explosions, blast impacts, contamination, EMP, and earthquakes. Implementation methods differ by country; for example, Switzerland, Singapore, Sweden and Finland adhere national shelter regulations.

Governments worldwide build shelters and hardened facilities to safeguard citizens and critical infrastructure, covering everything from design to maintenance. Verona Shelters Group’s companies have a strong track record, providing its solutions for various sectors with consultation, shelter equipment, and maintenance services since 1968.

Our solutions and equipment has earned substantial recognition and trust, being extensively employed by esteemed organizations and nations globally, such as NATO and the EU countries, and several Middle East and Asian countries. We actively implement local standards while utilizing the latest available technology to provide our equipment with top-performance capabilities in diverse operational scenarios.

The equipment are tested and certified, which meet the global standards and requirements, and we can tailor solutions to meet your requirements. 

As a global shelter powerhouse, Verona Shelters Group brings decades of experience to each project.

Shelter types

As the world faces an ever-changing landscape of potential threats and challenges, the importance of ensuring the safety and protection of critical assets and personnel has become paramount. In this context, (civil) shelters play a pivotal role in safeguarding lives and preserving essential infrastructure during emergency situations, making it imperative to equip them with optimized, state-of-the-art technologies.

Shelter design principles differentiates depending on the type, usage, and specific requirements of the shelter. For instance, our solutions can be used in wide range of well-recognized shelter categories, including Civil Defence, Government, and Authorities. Moreover, there are several additional factors, which influences the shelter design. These factors are closely tied to the shelter’s intended purpose, spanning both peace time and crisis situations. Additionally, local regulations, threat analyses, and budgetary constraints contribute to shaping of the final shelter design.

In order to maximize the benefits of modern civil shelters during peace time, it is ideal to design them with a focus on providing multiple benefits and serving dual purposes. For instance, a thoughtfully designed civil shelter can also function as an underground sports center, a parking facility, or a storage space. Due to their typically close proximity to residential areas, these shelters are conveniently accessible. 

Blast Protection & Gas Protection – Full range of products and services, including Automation & IBMS connectivity

Concrete filled & Steel
Hangar doors
Different shelter classes
Industrial and light blast doors
Fire protected doors

NBC Filtration unit
CO2 Removal
Active Carbon & Hepa / Ulpa filters

Blast valves
Gastight valves
Blast valve vent pipe
Exhaust blast valve
Blast valve wall

EMP Accessories / Consumables

Shock absorbers
Consumables: first aid, water storage, tools, protective wear, bunk beds

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