Industrial blast protection

Blast protection in industrial applications

The threat of explosions in industrial applications is often overlooked. However, blast protection can often prevent a minor event from becoming a catastrophic one.

A responsible industrial facility must protect its employees and equipment from extreme circumstances. This is also critical for ensuring the functionality and continuity of the facilities under such conditions.

For example, it is important to protect the backup generator in a nuclear power plant, as well as the substations, cooling systems, and the reactor itself. Escape rooms and control rooms must also be protected, as they must remain safe and fully functional for the operators to take control of the situation.

Here are some of the benefits of blast protection in industrial applications:

  • Protects employees and equipment from injury or death
  • Reduces damage to property and infrastructure
  • Helps to prevent production downtime
  • Improves safety and security
  • Meets regulatory requirements

Verona Shelters Group, provides high technology and advanced solutions for industrial applications. Our solutions, cater the following sectors:


  • Petrochemical and industrial facilities, including Nuclear Power Plants
  • Protection of refinery command centers, control rooms, test facilities, production and assembly plants.
  • Mission critical indoor air quality solutions.
  • Design, installation, commissioning and maintenance support as per the client needs and requirements.

Quality assurance

Our certified and approved solutions have been proven in various applications across the world and they are currently installed in numerous industrial facilities around the world.

We offer a wide range of blast protection solutions, including blast and fire-resistant doors, blast valves and dampers, and wall sleeves.

Together with our internationally experienced team, we can ensure our support throughout the project lifecycle, supporting in various phases, by providing services that cater to requirements for installation, commissioning and maintenance.

Customised solutions

We also offer customised solutions for our clients, so we can tailor our solutions to your specific needs. Our solutions are in operation in a wide range of applications and comply with even the most severe standards and requirements.


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