Critical infrastructure

The safeguarding of civilians is unattainable without vital infrastructure. Critical infrastructure encompasses all the essential functions that must maintain their complete operation during times of crisis, and the loss of these functions would severely jeopardise the stability and safety of the nation.

Critical infrastructure typically refers to government or defence force command centres, but it also encompasses significant power stations, communication towers, data centres, hospitals, and even the command and control centres for first responders. These entities all need to sustain their operations and effectively manage the situation.

Critical infrastructures possess distinct characteristics compared to standard civilian shelters. They are typically fully functional facilities during peacetime that must rapidly transition into fully operational protected sites during emergencies. Achieving this often necessitates shelter automation.

These shelters also have different protection prerequisites due to their significance. They are more susceptible to being targeted, and their occupants are not present for rest, but rather to work under pressure. As a result, they require enhanced ventilation with increased air changes per hour.

Verona Shelters offers cost-efficient solutions across the complete spectrum of shelters, comprising design consultation, validated and certified equipment, tailored adjustments, and support for installation and commissioning.

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