CO2 (carbon dioxide) removal system and filter

Carbon dioxide removal system and filter

Efficient CO2 removal systems are vital for safe, habitable shelters. CO2 filter quantity and capacity hinge on anticipated occupants, their activity level, volume, and close-up mode duration. Close-up mode shuts off the fresh-air intake, recycling air via the CO2 removal unit, oxygen supply, and blowers for air circulation.

To ensure survival of the occupants of the shelter during closed circuit operation, the carbon dioxide (CO2) produced in the shelter has to be removed from the return air system for recirculation.

Andair’s CO2 removal system is world leading technology used in shelters for occupants requiring operational performance during the shelter’s close-up mode. 

The system monitors the air quality through sensors in closed rooms with air circulation (without fresh air intake) and stabilizes the oxygen and carbon dioxide values.

Sensor systems monitor the air quality in automatic operation mode. If the oxygen or carbon dioxide amount exceeds the preset limits, the CO2 filtering and the O2 enrichment of the air start.

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