Andair ventilating installations and ventilation units, type VA, provide breathable air to the shelter occupants (oxygen amount) and evacuate exhaust air (CO2, odours).

The room overpressure prevents contaminated air from entering. 

A manual drive is installed for emergency cases (for example power failure).

Ventilation system for NBC protected vehicle

The integrated gasfilter removes all known chemical and bacterial war agents from the outside air. Such, the oxygen and carbon dioxide values re-main stable in the vehicle. The hereby developed overpressure in the inside of the vehicle prevents the contaminated air from entering.

CO2 removal system

The CO2 removal system monitors the air quality in closed rooms with air circulation (without fresh air intake) and stabilizes the oxygen and carbon dioxide values.

Sensor systems monitor the air quality in automatic operation mode. If the oxy-gen or carbon dioxide amount exceeds the preset limits, the CO2 filtering and the O2 enrichment of the air start.

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