To serve and protect.

Andair AG, Verona Shelters Oy and Suomen Turvakauppa Oy have joined forces and created a unique shelter powerhouse  – Verona Shelters Group (VSG).

Independent of the threat scenario, we can provide a solution to match the most demanding specifications in blast protection, air filtration, indoor air quality management as well as shelter equipment. Additionally, a full range of protective measures against electro-magnetic pulse (EMP) can be provided to satisfy ultimate safety requirements.

We are here to find the optimal solution for you with our long experience and the best product range.



Verona Shelters Group (VSG) leads the protective shelter industry with a vision deeply rooted in creating a safer world. Born from the rich histories of Swiss and Finnish pioneers, VSG strives to be the beacon of safety in times of uncertainty, presenting state-of-the-art protective solutions to all segments with a global reach.

VSG is dedicated to redefining the shelter industry with a special focus on authorities, civil defence, and industrial blast protection. With a vast product range that encompasses air filtering, blast protection, EMP protection, and CBRNE-products, our objective is to ensure every customer feels secure. 

We transform the way the world views security, championing a future where everyone—regardless of their location—feels safe.

Andair components and systems are used in shelters, safety rooms and control rooms of:

  • Civil defense shelters

  • Air raid shelters

  • Hardened underground facilities

  • C4ISTAR facilities

  • NBC protected facilities and bio safety labs

  • Refineries and oil fields, off-shore platforms

  • Chemical and petrochemical plants

  • Nuclear power plants

With the Andair range of products large and small shelters are ventilated and successfully protected against many threats and endangerments such as:

  • Conventional warfare

  • Nuclear warfare

  • Industrial accidents

  • Sabotage

  • Terrorism

  • Earthquake

  • Breakdowns, etc.

Products Of Andair AG:

  • Blast Doors.

  • Blast Valves.

  • Blast Damper.

  • EMP Doors.

  • CO2 Absorbing System.

  • Ground Shock Isolators.

  • Exhaust Blast Valves and Vent.

  • NBC Filtration with Detection

  • System.

  • NBC Gas Filters.

  • Blast Proof and Gas Tight Wall

  • Sleeves.

  • Pipe Valves.

About Andair AG

Andair was founded already in 1968 and is the worlds most competent specialist in shelter technology.

More than 3’000 large protected installations in over 55 countries worldwide have been equipped with Andair components.

With the Andair range of products large and small shelters are ventilated and successfully protected against many threats and endangerments.

Well-founded know-how and a wide range of special products are the basis of Andair’s leadership, type tested and approved by the SPIEZ LABORATORY of the Swiss Federal Department of Defense. 


Verona Shelters Group

A new protective shelters powerhouse – Verona Shelters Group – we are truly one of a kind: a globally recognized, consolidated protective shelters business – providing optimized solutions to match and exceed our customers’ needs for resilience.

We have a strong local presence on all key markets, and through our extensive dealer network and partnerships, we will serve also the export market globally. We constantly compare and utilise the learnings from best practises used in each of the market areas.