Blast valves


Blast protection

Blast protection is required to shield civil, authorities, infrastructure and industrial installations from the effects of war, terrorism, sabotage and accidental damage where the ventilation airways must be protected to the same level as the build structure.

When the blast valves are correctly selected and installed, they will prevent pressure waves generated by conventional, nuclear and FAE weapons penetrating the structure and causing harm to personnel or damage to equipment.

Typically, Andair’s blast valves are used in various applications within shelters, including air inlet and outlet ventilation systems, diesel generators, and refrigeration units. They are designed to withstand blast pressure, and some of Andair’s most advanced blast valves are capable of handling high pressures, up to 90 bar. Additionally, these blast valves come equipped with pre-filters, which help improve the quality of the air inside the shelter.

Andair’s explosion protection valves have undergone rigorous testing and received approval from the Federal Office for Civil Protection. They are available in different sizes and protection levels, including 1 bar (with a reflected pressure of 2.8 bar), 3 bar (with a reflected pressure of 11 bar), and even special designs that can handle pressures as high as 90 bar. Additionally, Andair has various blast valve designs suitable for industrial purposes.

Andair blast valves are widely used across thousands of installations in military, civil defense, and industrial settings, where their robust performance ensures safety and protection.

Andair’s experience, technical know-how and high ethical standards guarantee this quality.

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