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Andair AG, Verona Shelters Oy and Suomen Turvakauppa Oy have joined forces and created a unique shelter powerhouse  – Verona Shelters Group (VSG).

Independent of the threat scenario, we can provide a solution to match the most demanding specifications in blast protection, air filtration, indoor air quality management as well as shelter equipment. Additionally, a full range of protective measures against electro-magnetic pulse (EMP) can be provided to satisfy ultimate safety requirements.

Our solutions range from small basic shelters to large nuclear power plant ventilation systems and high-end VIP shelters.


Verona Shelters Group (VSG) is a corporation formed from the fusion of Swiss and Finnish protective shelter professionals. Their combined expertise presents an offering that’s more than just brick and mortar: it is a synthesis of decades of engineering expertise, intuitive understanding of the essence of safety and pragmatic approach in finding optimized solutions to our customer’s needs for resilience.   Rooted in Swiss precision and Finnish innovation, these shelter solutions represent an evolution in personal and communal safety, answering the global call for improved security in these times of uncertainty.

VSG is dedicated to redefining the shelter industry with a special focus on authorities, civil defence, and industrial blast protection. With a vast product range that encompasses air filtering, blast protection, EMP protection, and CBRNE-products, our objective is to ensure every customer feels secure. 


Through our extensive international presence and unparalleled expertise, we are a powerhouse for protective solutions.

Walking together with and listening to our customers are in our philosophy the key elements to build long lasting partnerships.

A shelter is as strong as its weakest point of failure, and at the same time, it is not necessary to overspend on something that is not really needed.

We take pride in working with the best designers, consultants, testing agencies and an extensive dealer network.

We succeed together with the whole network.


We live in an era marked by unprecedented geopolitical tensions. While we cannot control these external challenges, we can provide the global community with the means to safeguard themselves against them.

It’s about empowering each individual, family, community, and organisation to face adversity with unwavering confidence.

Our promises

Safety Beyond Standards
At VSG, the safety we offer does more than meet standards–it sets them.
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Integrity & Trust
As a consolidated company, we bind together our historic values to prioritise integrity and trust.
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Customised Excellence
Recognising the diverse needs of our clientele, we commit to delivering bespoke solutions without compromising on quality.
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Transparency & Support
With our customers at the core of our mission, we promise to maintain an open dialogue, professional demeanour, extensive support, and a journey marked by mutual understanding-
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Customer-Centric Guardians

At VSG, the customer is king. Our commitment does not end post-purchase; we stand by our products and services throughout their entire lifecycle, guaranteeing our customers thrive alongside us.

Honesty & Confidentiality.

Openness and integrity stand at the heart of our interactions. Yet, in the business of protection, we recognize the paramount importance of confidentiality.

Entrepreneurial Excellence.

Entrepreneurship defines our spirit. Our focus on cost consciousness and operational efficiency ensures our longevity and success in the market.

Respect & Cooperation.

Every voice matters at VSG. We foster an environment of mutual respect, valuing diverse views and encouraging healthy debates.

Meet the Board

Michael Riedo

Board of directors

Michael Riedo is a board member of Verona Shelters Group and also a CEO of Andair AG.

With decades of shelter experience, he is passionate about carrying on his father’s spirit of innovation. He has taught us that innovation and quality are the keys to success.

Michael is thrilled to start the new adventure of creating a global shelter powerhouse with Verona Shelters Group.


Ilkka Kivisaari


Ilkka has three decades of C-level experience in innovation intensive industries, including telecoms, critical infrastructure, safety, security and access control and protective shelter solutions.

Ilkka is a strong believer in Jeff Weiner’s thoughts on how successful business is run: 1)Dream big 2) Get things done 3) Know how to have fun!


Marko Nokka

Chairman of the Board, Verona Shelters Group Oy

Marko Nokka is the Group Chairman of Verona Shelters Group and also serves as the tax partner and Chairman of the Board at Verona International.

Since 2005, he has played a key role in helping civil protection companies grow and develop.

His mission is to create a global leader in shelter solutions by combining top-notch Finnish technology with international expertise.


Teemu Selin

Board of directors, VP Marketing & Business Development

Teemu is the founder and COB of Verona Shelters Finland (Suomen Turvakauppa Oy).  

With two decades as an entrepreneur and even longer background in marketing & sales, he is excited to be part of this global growth story. 

In his fathers’ company, Teemu started to work with civil defence solutions 35 years ago.

By education, he is M.Sc. (Econ).

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