Design, maintenance and services

Constructing a facility fortified against blasts and gas demands meticulous planning and a considerable investment of time. Every pertinent aspect must be meticulously addressed across the entire journey, spanning design phases, budgeting and tendering, construction, commissioning, operation, and ongoing maintenance. We are committed to furnishing you with comprehensive technical support throughout this entire process.

With an extensive record of thousands of projects, we have extended our expertise and consultancy to design firms, governmental bodies, defence forces, petrochemical and nuclear industries, construction firms, as well as end-users. Our offerings encompass professional guidance, consultation, and a range of cost-effective products and services.

Designing a safeguarded facility is a multifaceted endeavour. Typically executed by a sizeable team of engineers specializing in diverse domains like construction, electrical systems, environmental considerations, acoustics, and even landscaping, there’s a scarcity of experts specialized in blast protection, filtration, or Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) mitigation.

Drawing from experience, we have provided unerring support to numerous designers and design firms through professional consultation and design insights. Additionally, we can assist with product selection, supply drawings or CAD files, or generously share our wealth of expert knowledge and troubleshooting proficiency.

While shelters are engineered for years of reliability, most still necessitate minimal maintenance. This ranges from periodic preventive maintenance to routine inspections. Occasionally, corrective maintenance is called for due to neglect, damage, or environmental wear and tear, particularly in high-humidity or saltwater environments.

We cater to check-ups, preventive and corrective maintenance, maintenance training, and various forms of technical support.


Expert Consultation for Governments and Corporations
With a legacy spanning 50 years and a global involvement in thousands of projects, we are frequently summoned to provide expert consultation on diverse shelter-related subjects.

We extend expert guidance across multiple domains, including threat and requirement analysis, guidance on national standards, shelter automation, budgeting, EMP mitigation, and more.

 We also deliver an array of supplementary services. These encompass site inspections and commissioning, training initiatives, shelter refurbishments, and more.

Our experts are poised to provide comprehensive details on these supplementary services.

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