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When lives are in jeopardy, our instinct is to seek expert guidance. When it comes to designing or planning a shelter, the task is entrusted to professionals. Verona Shelters team of experts is on hand to offer supplementary professional advice or to undertake the complete shelter design.

The process of orchestrating a shelter project is intricate, demanding careful consideration of numerous factors at the earliest stage possible. For instance, a threat analysis would influence decisions regarding wall thickness and the level of protection necessary for external security components like blast valves and doors.

With a legacy spanning seven decades, Verona Shelters has amassed a reservoir of expertise and knowledge, available for sharing, whether you’re in the process of shelter design or contemplating a larger-scale project.

Verona Shelters extends design support through drawings, CAD files, 3D models, and technical consultations. During the design phase, we aid in appropriately sizing the required products based on factors like airflow and blast ratings. Our precise and professional drawings allow designers and engineers to seamlessly integrate them into their own plans, offering their clients a polished and realistic design.

We collaborate closely with various design firms and government engineers worldwide, ensuring they receive comprehensive support for a project that’s both hassle-free and professionally executed.

For the latest design files or design consultation, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Our experts are frequently invited to share their wealth of experience and expertise, whether through international conferences, governmental consultations, or direct assistance to our customers and partners.


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