Life saving in large scale in Kuopio, Finland

August 22, 2023



Verona Shelters Finland is delivering a large bedrock shelter technology in new and growing area in Kuopio, Finland. The Savilahti sports and event center, which is excavated into old military storage cave, will become a versatile meeting place for approx. 2,500 people. The multi-purpose center connects the Varikko area to the core of Savilahti and forms an interesting end point to the park and local service complex.

The center also creates security in the neighbourhood​​ by providing shared shelter for nearly 7,000 people. In addition, it brings liveliness and movement to the area also through new services and business opportunities.


Shelter Class:  S2 Bedrock Shelter ie. 6 bar blast

Shelter Properties:

  • Blast & gastight doors and emergency exit hatch
  • Special ventilation solution
    • Preliminary filter for larger particle size
    • Pressure valve, 6 bar blast protection
    • CBRN -ventilation system (air purification and distribution system)
      • Special filter:
        • Hepa 14 Class filter
        • Capable to filter 11 common poisonous gases
      • 800mm concrete streel enforced pressure walls and 400mm gas tight walls to maintain overpressure
    • Control Panel for monitoring ventilation system
    • Radiometers
    • Water reservoir tanks, including disinfection and conservation capabilities
    • Dry toilet system including toilet fixtures, buckets and ventilation
      • Ensures privacy, confort and hygiene
    • To ensure privacy in crisis conditions, we deliver facilities to split large floor space into smaller rooms
    • Communication: 2-way communication capabilities for crisis condition communication
    • Equipment for shelter room crisis condition preparation, scouting and clearance after crisis situation. Package including among other things:
      • Beds for resting
      • First aid items
      • Gas masks
      • Iodine tablets
      • Sufficient tools
      • Fire protection
    • All necessary equipments and devices Eurofins certified 
    • All needed documentation for the Customer and authorities
      • Overpressure test report
      • Documentation for maintenance and instructions for use

Shelter Rooms & Capacity: ca. 7000 Persons

To be Completed: April 2024