Shelters and hardened facilities

The principles governing the design of shelters and fortified facilities differ based on their category (Civil Defence, Governmental, or Defence Forces), purpose (resting or operational premises), significance (critical function or otherwise), local regulations (where applicable), threat assessment – and regrettably, often constrained by budget considerations.

We deliver the most cost-effective solutions spanning the entire spectrum of shelters. Our proficiency encompasses design consultation, validated and certified equipment, tailored configurations, along with support for installation and commissioning.

Shelters and fortified facilities are conceived to shield individuals and equipment against a wide array of menacing scenarios: explosions arising from attacks or accidents, perilous contamination settings due to CBRN/TIC emissions (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear / Toxic Industrial Chemicals), EMP (Electro-Magnetic Pulse), and even seismic events.

The implementation of these shelters varies from nation to nation. Some are propelled by national mandates for shelters, even in countries with a peaceable disposition such as Switzerland, Finland and Singapore. E.g. in Finland, enacted the Civil Defense Act in 1958 and has since revised and enhanced it to align with evolving needs, scenarios, and innovative technology.

Nonetheless, irrespective of geography, governments globally erect civil defense shelters to safeguard their populace and hardened facilities to protect vital infrastructures.

The construction of these facilities entails a protracted and rigorous procedure. All relevant aspects necessitate thorough consideration, spanning from the initial design and budgeting phases to tendering, construction, commissioning, operation, and ongoing maintenance. Naturally we offer technical support across every stage of this journey.

Across thousands of projects, we have extended our guidance and consultancy to design firms, governmental bodies, defence forces, the petrochemical and nuclear sectors, construction enterprises, and end-users. This comes in conjunction with our professional, cost-effective product offerings.

Having constructed shelters since 1968, we have risen to prominence as a global market leader. Today, the majority of our built shelters serve dual purposes. During peacetime, they can function as underground sports venues, parking facilities or metro stations, among several other roles.

A multitude of our products have been subject to testing and certification in line with international standards and specifications. Our seasoned research and development department stands ready to tailor solutions that align with your requirements.

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