Shelter automation

The demand for shelter automation has been steadily increasing over the past few years. Shelter automation is commonly required in facilities that need to transition to protected mode almost instantly, in large facilities that require a significant number of steps to switch to protected mode (e.g. a large number of doors and openings need to be closed), and in high-end or VIP shelters.

Shelter automation typically comes in three levels:

Partially automated: Some functions and equipment can be automated or motorised. For instance, a power-operated blast door, an automated or remotely operated gastight shutoff valve to close peacetime ventilation openings, or an automated filtration system.

Semi-automated shelter: In this case, some or all of the shelter is managed by a Building Management System (BMS), but the operator controls the BMS either locally or from a remote location.

Fully automated shelter: Here, the entire shelter is operated and monitored automatically by a shelter control system. It can be switched to protected mode with the press of a button or by the detection of a threat (by external sensors).

Verona Shelters, in partnership with expert collaborators, provides a range of shelter automation options, spanning from power-operated doors and automated filtration systems to fully automated shelters integrated with a building management system (BMS). Additionally, they offer CBRN detectors capable of automatically initiating full operational status for shelters.
We are dedicated to tailoring your automated shelter to your precise requirements, incorporating these features or any additional functionalities you may require.

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