Case Hotel Hamburger Börs, Turku, Finland

August 22, 2023


Hotel Hamburger Börs is located in Southwest Finland, next to Turku city center market square. Verona Shelters Finland has delivered two shelters and other safety items to this astonishing new building in the city centre with respect of historic architecture.

Shelter Class:  S1 steel concrete ie. 1 bar blast, underground location

Shelter Properties:

  • Blast & gastight doors and emergency exit hatch
  • Special ventilation solution
    • Preliminary filter for larger particle size
    • Pressure valve, 1 bar blast protection
    • CBRN -ventilation system (air purification and distribution system)
      • Special filter:
        • Hepa 14 Class filter
        • Capable to filter 11 common poisonous gases
      • Cut off tent to maintain overpressure and safe clearance from shelter room, in cases needed to open blast and gastight door
    • Radiometer
    • Water reservoir tanks, including disinfection and conservation capabilities
    • Dry toilet system including toilet fixtures, buckets and ventilation
      • Ensures privacy, confort and hygiene
    • Communication: 2-way communication capabilities for crisis condition communication
    • Equipment for shelter room crisis condition preparation, scouting and clearance after crisis situation. Package including among other things:
      • First aid items
      • Gas masks A2B2E2K2P3 (ABEK2)
      • Iodine tablets
      • Sufficient tools
      • Fire protection
    • All necessary equipments and devices Eurofins certified 
    • All needed documentation for the Customer and authorities
      • Overpressure test report
      • Documentation for maintenance and instructions for use

Shelter Rooms & Capacity: 2 / 135 + 135 Persons

Completed: 2021