Case Hotel Hamburger Börs, Turku, Finland

Hotel Hamburger Börs is located in Southwest Finland, next to Turku city center market square. Verona Shelters Finland has delivered two shelters and other safety items to this astonishing new building in the city centre with respect of historic architecture. Shelter Class:  S1 steel concrete ie. 1 bar blast, underground location Shelter Properties: Blast & […]

Life saving in large scale in Kuopio, Finland

  Verona Shelters Finland is delivering a large bedrock shelter technology in new and growing area in Kuopio, Finland. The Savilahti sports and event center, which is excavated into old military storage cave, will become a versatile meeting place for approx. 2,500 people. The multi-purpose center connects the Varikko area to the core of Savilahti […]