Advancement of Societal Security through the New ISO/TC 292 Security and Resilience Standard

August 22, 2023



The standard is currently under review in the SFS Comment Request Service. After the review period, all ISO member countries will form their opinions on the draft standard and provide their comments. In this work, Finland has been represented by the SFS standardization group SFS/SR 211. If there are not significant changes, the standard can be published by the end of the year. Otherwise, the release will be postponed to spring 2024.

Shelters Differ Greatly Around the World.

Shelters can be found in abundance across different parts of the world. The number, quality, and equipment level of shelters vary considerably. In some countries, shelters are referred to as basements reinforced with wooden support structures, with a wooden door replaced by a thin steel door. In other countries, they protect against pressure and fragmentation loads, as well as allow population protection from CBRN agents through efficient ventilation and filtration systems. The condition, equipment, and usability of shelters also vary greatly both in Finland and worldwide. When discussing shelter quantities, their condition must also be addressed. This matter is acknowledged. Many countries have become aware of this issue and initiated the creation, renovation of existing shelters, and the development of new legislation and regulations to improve the situation. Importantly, partial funding has also been allocated for these projects.

New Standard and Technical Regulations.

The entire field of civil protection is highly fragmented. There are numerous local and small-scale operators in the field. Additionally, technical regulations and their interpretation by authorities vary from country to country. This standard outlines the aspects to consider in shelter design, construction, use, and maintenance. The adoption of this standard is voluntary. In each country, these matters are defined based on their own conditions. Furthermore, it must be noted that this standard does not address technical requirements.

Country-Specific Technical Regulations and Verona Shelter Group.

Verona Shelter Group has decades of experience in civil and military protection across different countries, various technical regulations, multiple testing laboratories, country-specific interpretations of different regulations, NATO regulations and exceptional technical expertise to assist clients in solving their challenges. As Verona Shelter Group has superior know-how worldwide, we can also help authorities solve their requirements.


ISO = International Organization for Standardization

CEN = European Committee for Standardization

SFS = Finnish Standards Association

Juha Paappa
Verona Shelter Group
Member of SFS/SR 211 Group of Finnish Standards Association